We have a traceability system that includes regular auditing of all operating and management procedures, along with thorough monitoring on all incoming & outgoing products.

Aquamarine applies a consistent and accurate traceability system which allows a final product to be traced back to source of raw material. Raw material is recognized by a name of supplier and harvested area.  All raw materials are tested for biotoxin, microorganism, and chemical  before purchasing and delivering to the factory.  Only raw material with test results complied with standards will be accepted and used for the production.  A lot number is assigned for every batch of raw material produced daily.  End of the processing line, a traceability code is stamped at the bottom of each carton box. A traceability code reflects information about batch of raw material, production date, packing date and packing team.  When a traceability code is given, within 4 hours Aquamarine is able to trace it back to source of raw material with relevant test results and production records.